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Lanigan & Edwards is an established wine importing agency based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Since inception, Lanigan & Edwards has built a reputation within Alberta for presenting a portfolio that appeals to both the conservative and adventurous wine drinker in everyone.  We strive to showcase wines that are standouts for both the region, varietal, and of course, the people and the story behind the wine. We can proudly say that most of our partners have been in our portfolio for several years and are well established in our market. In addition to showcasing wines from around the world, Lanigan & Edwards has a passion for Bordeaux and as a result, we have long standing relationships within the region, showcasing a well-rounded portfolio of Bordeaux wines for cellar building as well as every day drinking.

Our company comprises passionate, knowledgeable individuals who have a variety of experience in the wine industry as well as the hospitality industry.  This variety allows us to be able to identify with every part of the hospitality business, therefore tailoring our service to customer needs.


Head Office | Edmonton
780.462.5358jack (at) lanigan-edwards.com


Head Office | Edmonton
780.462.5358julie (at) lanigan-edwards.com

Jack and I have known each other for a long time, sharing a mutual love for squash back in the days of the Center Club.  In 2009, as my tenure as a travel consultant was coming to an end it occurred to both of us that he needed an administrator and it was meant to be.

Nowadays, I still play squash regularly, and the golf season is never long enough in this part of the world!


TARA SMITH · Northern Alberta
780.974.7765tara (at) lanigan-edwards.com

It’s been a long and winding road to get to where I am today.  Fresh faced and new to the big city right out of high school, I had my sights set on working in professional kitchens as a career path.  But life has a way of opening doors and guiding you in the direction you actually need.  As a result, I’ve spent some time in nearly every facet of the food & beverage industry before joining Lanigan in April 2016. 

If I’m not talking or drinking wine, there’s a pretty good chance that I’m still socializing somehow…or maybe just reading a book or planning the next adventure.  And if I were a grape – it just may be chardonnay.  It’s pretty versatile, can be dressed up or down, but most importantly – it makes some pretty tasty sparkling wines.


KIPPY NESSELBECK · Southern Alberta
403.620.0650kippy (at) lanigan-edwards.com

Growing up in the city of Edmonton was fabulous, but I soon moved to the West Coast (insert big heart here) for the next part of my life, where I met my husband and had our kids. I've been in Calgary since 1999 and I have almost 20 years experience in the wine world, having started in retail before moving to "the other side" shortly after. Having both a hotel & restaurant management diplomas as well as HR one has come in pretty handy in wine sales.

I love spending time at our cabin in Sylvan Lake and am blessed to have 2 awesome adult kids who actually still like hanging out with us.

Wine philosophy - it's about farming, the people and their stories. If I were a grape, I'd be ripe. Or maybe sweet. 



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