il valentiano

The “Valentiano” is the name of the new farm estate , it takes its origin from the joining of the names Valentina and Fabiano, it has also got a logo whose symbol has been borrowed from Celtic mythology: the tree of life, the roots of which tangle with the branches to show the circularity of life. The estate is situated on the south-west side of the hill of Montalcino and it is fully steeped in the Mediterranean macchia which grows wildly here and gives very peculiar sensations. When you climb up to the town of Montalcino from either the East or the West side, you immediately and clearly perceive a pleasant change: the air suddenly becomes fresh, crispy, full of scent and fragrance, which makes breathing easier and one is run through by a sense of lightness and nimbleness. The colour nuances are heart-taking: the bright nuances of green are really unique, the sounds are incomparable: what a wonderful, overwhelming concert can be heard at dawn and at sunset. Hundreds of birds start chirping as if they were calling one another for play or love and create such melodies that one can’t be but enchanted.

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+757305 · 12x750ml

100% Sangiovese. The typical meal in this part of Tuscany always starts with the Rosso (Red) and ends with the Brunello, followed by a Vin Santo. Rosso is the second growth of Brunello and still very enjoyable! It is a fresh and intense young wine: not as serious as Brunello but pleasant and round to be enjoyed with any dish, apart from fish obviously. A younger, fresher style of Sangiovese than Brunello from the same zone. Wonderful lifted notes of violets and raspberry jam. Fine, elegant structure with good length and plummy fruit flavours. Ideal with Turkey, roasted vegetables, chestnuts and brussel sprouts. Serve in crystal wine glasses at 18°C.

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+757303 · 6x750ml

100% Sangiovese. This DOC Tuscan appellation requires 100% Sangiovese grapes unlike the adjacent Chianti Classico region which allows some international varieties in the blend. This wine is a very good example from a classic vintage. It is a mid crimson colour (true Sangiovese is never inky) with notes of sour cherry, anise, and a dusty/earthy quality. The palate is medium to full bodied with initial richness followed by trademark drying tannins. It tastes at its best with read and roast meats, with wildfowl and furred game as well as with mature cheese. It is also considered the perfect wine to drink in front of fire place while relaxing.


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+757304 · 6x750ml

100% Sangiovese. This is a clear, brilliant wine with ruby red tending to lively garnet color with ageing. The aromas are intense and long-lasting with nuances of brush lands, aromatic woods, small fruit, vanilla, coffee, fruity jam, all combined. The palate is elegant and harmonic, great body with a long aromatic persistence. Pair with red meat, games and aged cheese. It is also considered the perfect wine to drink in front of fire place while relaxing. Serve at 18°C.-20°C. after being settled. For an old wine it is wise to decant it into a decanter so that it can breathe and be savored in complete purity.

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grappa utopia blanco

+762261 · 6x500ml

100% Brunello. This kind of Grappa is transparent, clear. It immediately shows and reveals its intense scent, evokes the perfumes of fresh vinasse. It tastes soft but not sweet. When you drink it, you enjoy the emotions, perfumes and tastes of the Sienese hills.



grappa utopia gran riserva

+762260 · 6x500ml

100% Brunello. It's got an intense amber colour with copper shades. It fascinates because of its fragrant and complex taste. It rests for 5 years in oak containers, which allows a slow evolution of its fragrance enriched by spicy tastes of vanilla and dry fruit flavours. It fascinates at first taste which lasts in your mouth. No additives.